Other names: Ascended Balmer, Abomination, One Winged Asshole
Bioform: Mortuary equipment + cetacean + reanimated corpse
Native zone: Inert sub-concept vessel
Residence: Inert sub-concept vessel
Occupation: World eater
Likes: Consuming
The result of Balmer and Flipper fusing together after falling in a pool of embalming fluid corrupted by a cancer generating exvironator. This isn't considered a normal fusion, but rather they melted together.


Balphin is an overpowered abomination that emerged after Balmer melted together with a dolphin. His skin is colored "Parliament red" like the other creatures and cancerous growths caused by the exvironator. Since he's a combination of a machine and an animal, Balphin has both organic and inorganic traits. Predominantly organic on the surface, he has a metallic skeleton and teeth. The fluid tank on his head is still glass rather than a membrane bubble. He has two glass covered eyes on his chest, one looking like a dial and the other with two pupils. Intestines dangle bellow him and other external organic tubes are present. On the dolphin side, his eyeless head is shaped like one's. He still has the flippers, and the left one mutated to be larger while the melted flesh makes it look like a feathered bird's wing.

Balphin retained Flipper's flying ability and strength. From Balmer's side, he can still spray embalming fluid and can generate electricity. Most of his power comes from the exvironator's effects, giving him the ability to use a charged cancer ray and make it rain dolphin fetuses.

Personality wise, Balmer's is the predominant mind, but it combined with the dolphin's malice and the exvironator's all consuming lust. Right after emerging from the pool, Balphin shows his desire to eat the whole zone himself, not caring about the Preservators anymore.

He is eventually defeated in battle by Celia, Maggie and Staph after they too got overpowered from the exvironator corrupted pool.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital as a cinematic boss.


  • LVL: 9 999
  • Moves: Carcino-Ray, Foetal Flurry


  • He is the first to say Fern's real name.
  • He can talk from three places: his chest, mouth and fluid tank.
  • The embryos from his Foetal Flurry move look like the ones seen in an older comic.
  • The music playing during the battle is called "The Final Battle" from Final Fantasy IV.
  • The one wing is a parody of the RPG trope where the final villain's ultimate form has angel-like properties, like Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth having one wing as well. "The reason it has a bird wing is strictly because of the RPG trope where the final villain's ultimate form has angel-like properties, which began long before Sephiroth but was especially popularized by Sephiroth's "one winged angel" silliness."