Other names: Garbling, Sample H00568, Molly junior
Bioform: Medical detritus
Native zone: The Hospital
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Nursing, security
Blog: Bestiary
Little bouncy bags of medical waste!


Biobags are animate pink bags of medical waste. They are similar to Molly, their mother, and they have two glowing biohazard "eyes" instead of one. Their contents consists of approximately five gallons of congealed blood, tissues, teeth, bone fragments, hair, adhesive bandages and precisely 175 empty medical issue syringes contained in a polyethylene waste disposal bag. The needles are contaminated with over 367 undocumented strains of bacteria, 1,842 unidentified viral contaminants, 89 fungal, 212 protozoan, 1 helminthes and 68 unknown inorganic chemical compounds. When agitated, they explode spreading their contents within a radius of 2.7 meters. Any sustained damage, including detonation, is reversed over the course of 72 hours. If components are separated, they each regenerate into a duplicate of proportional mass.

They display the same aggression as Molly when they encounter patients outside their rooms during quarantine or other trespassers. When Molly is busy and patients call the nurse, Biobags come instead. Unfortunately they don't do a great job, they just bounce around and explode when flustered. Biobags are also observed drawing with fluids when bored. The drawings strongly imply a connection to the Parliament, with one of the drawings being of Redbert. It's later revealed that they actually do speak but in the same unique language as their mother and just like her, they are very foul mouthed. They can be friendly but they have a rather odd sense of morality, they consider blowing up an equally appropriate response to enemies and friends alike. They are all female and all share the same name (Molly junior). They recognize Depressed Spleen as their father but aren't overly fond of him, not really interacting with each other.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital as an enemy.


  • LVL: 6
  • HP: 6
  • Moves: Spincushion, Explode


  • A biobag is seen in the Awful Hospital poster.
  • The needles in the mouth region resemble the mouth of some flies.
  • The image file name calls them garblings.
  • The PPP Association classifies them as threat level Doubleplus UnWaffle.
  • The Biobags seem to be based on the Pokémon Trubbish.