Full name: Perception Channel Disruptor
Type: Plasmic
Danger level: Very high/none
Location: Grey zone, green zone
Function: Carcinogenic, amplify exospine, promote symmetrical branching
Weakness: Already told
Article: link
Blabbers are dangerous for the grey in their native zone, but are useful in the green zone.

Article DescriptionEdit

Even the unawakened of the grey-zone can feel the proximity of a "blabbers;" it's as if there's a non-existent television or radio faintly playing in some other room. For most grey-zoners, their chatter is catastrophically carcinogenic, but you don't need to be told again how to deter them. You'll be grateful for them in the green zone, where their vibrations amplify the exospine and promote symmetrical branching.


  • The picture is a Naegleria fowleri, the brain eating amoeba.