Bloodstain Bloodstain
"Well howdy there! Long time no faz!"
Other names: Blood Stain
Bioform: Bloodstain
Native zone: N/A
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Patient
Likes: Board games, "fishin'"
Dislikes: "Not-nice Folks", Jay
An animate bloodstain shaped like a human. Use the pronouns bloodstain/they when referring to Bloodstain.


Made entirely of blood, Bloodstain is a patient at the Hospital. Bloodstain got here because of bloodstains bummed leg, a minor injury sustained when a Voam Snaker mistakenly detonated bloodstains bloatus on a croon wave. When first encountered by Fern bloodstain seemed malnourished, given the dry color. Feeding can take place by absorbing food material by contact. This is seen when bloodstain "eats" a get well cupcake. When fed, the red color is stronger. Bloodstain can also write using bloodstains own blood. No matter from what angle you are looking, Bloodstain will always look like a flat stain on the surface behind bloodstain.

Bloodstain helped Fern hide from Phage and Phleboto by giving wrong directions and Fern gave bloodstain the get well cupcake in return. This makes bloodstain an ally and we can see bloodstains concern towards Fern's safety in the note left behind in her room. Bloodstain also left another cupcake beside. Bloodstain is currently dating X-Ray Fern.

When bloodstain meets Isaac, bloodstain is asked to read the book he had carrying around. The book was about The Very Hungry Grey Worm, a story likely written and illustrated by the Parliament. Despite this, Bloodstain considers the book "an oldie but a goodie! Just how I r'membr'it!", not being aware of the Parliament and not even capable to understand those who mention it, just like the Hospital doctors. Isaac can see that Bloodstain's room has Parliament devices hidden from the perception of most beings.

At one point, Fern finds Bloodstain looking different, spread all across the room like noodles. Bloodstain does feel different and even Magboils are present nearby, signalling worsened health conditions. Bloodstain also keeps saying that bloodstains "gone fishin" despite still sitting in bloodstains room.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital, the first encountered fellow patient.


  • Bloodstain has an "aging Huckleberry Finn" accent.
  • Bloodstain noticed Fern's change in art.
  • Bloodstain brought bloodstains own cobwebs in the Hospital.
  • Bloodstain shares the faz sense with Ramblin' Evil Colorectal Polyp which is a reference to the faz sense of the Thranx from GURPS, which is the detection of air currents.
  • Phage seems to be a fan of Bloodstain, giving bloodstain special care.
  • Bloodstain’s name, species, occupation, formal title, pronouns, sex and gender are all "bloodstain".

"Anyway, Bloodstain’s name, species, occupation, formal title, pronouns, sex and gender are all “bloodstain,” but that’s not to say this is usually the case for all bloodstains. Bloodstain’s parents might not really approve of their bloodstain turning out bloodstain, or that bloodstain bloodstains when they hoped bloodstain would bloodstain like bloodstain’s old bloodstain." (source)

  • Bloodstain almost wound up being a hostile encounter. Bloodstain's current personality is the result of improvisation.