An alternate version of the Bogleech site, resulted after the creator traded enough glands to become aware of other zones. On the day of 13 September 2013, users trying to access Bogleech were redirected to Borfladge instead. It was also the period when new extrazonal information leaked in the Pokeween special. The site is similar to Bogleech, but the articles are about extrazonal stuff and the ads are about Burgrr Inc. Grey zoners can't read any of the articles unless they are marked for purge, while yellow zoners are literally poisoned by new information during that season.

Borfladge Dorcorm was the first introduction into the basics of the Noisy Tenant continuity, although people hardly made out anything out of it back then. The site gives information about the following things:


Plasmic reverberators:

Mucosal reverberators (mentioned only)

Conscious reverberators:


Of the Perception Core:

Note: the Blights of the Perception Core article can't be found on the Borfladge homepage. Here's the link instead.

Other related entitiesEdit

  • Furler (not to be mistaken for a Folder)
  • Folder (unlike Furlers, they can't wait to get rid of their incubating cysts)
  • Gull
  • The Moist
  • Shambler
  • Half-Shambler
  • Rambler (occasionally mentioned, known to enjoy the Nanny)
  • Chalkgnarl (occasionally mentioned)
  • Polyvapors (they disconnect your material glands from the phantom ones while you laugh at the ineptitude of a Snickerdoodle)
  • Sentry Urchin (probably some kind of defense thing that dissolves its target)
  • PeePee
  • Pob
  • Snel
  • Daki
  • Pseudosphere (can re-realize your base layers when you're just a free-roaming idea)
  • Voopsmith (trades for raw voop)