"Skitter, skitter, this one tastes bitter!"
Bioform: Arthropoid (?)
Native zone: N/A
Occupation: Exterminator
Your #blue verminizer!


Buzz works as an exterminator. He looks like a humanoid with some insect-like features. He stands about six and a half feet tall, with a slender build. He wears a puke green jumpsuit with vibrantly orange gloves and boots and a gas mask. His hair is black, oily and spiky. His voice is raspy, sounding like a redneck hillbilly. On his back he wears two large metal canisters marked with "DANGER!" and "HOT!". A tangled and knotted rubber hose leads from the tanks, down to a pistol-like spray nozzle on his work belt. The nozzle fires a sticky amber goop that smells like BBQ sauce. Instead of killing the bugs, he just glues them. Buzz has four or five pool-like eyes, barb-like hairs jutting out of his dark flesh and an anus-like mouth.

Buzz also uses a gas that shouldn't be breathed in by people. The houses that he works in are tented in an orange and green veiny membrane, still warm to the touch. For some reason, the bugs he should be exterminating are larger than normal ones.

First AppearanceEdit

In the original creepypasta called "Call Me Buzz" written by Slimebeast. Buzz also makes a cameo in Awful Hospital on a pamphlet advertising his services.


  • Based on Buzz's request to stop breathing the gas, it's possible that the sort of people Buzz is used to dealing with may well be able to stop breathing without harm, or to filter out pesticide when they breathe if they choose to.