Clown lice
Other names: Pubic clowns
Bioform: Clown
Native zone: N/A
Occupation: Ectoparasites
Tiny parasitic clowns!


Tiny humanoid clowns. They are external parasites that feed using their single horn on their head to suck fluids. They also show signs of sapience, making the Hospital staff decide to leave them alone. They are not dangerous for their host, only giving them itches and a 20% higher voice.

Clown lice are defenseless against normal lice.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital a patient, Eyeda Sorrit, is infected with clown lice.


  • It's possible that they can inject helium in their host to make their voice higher.
  • There was a louse painting in Fern's patient room that changed into a clown painting. This questions if the clown lice looked like normal lice before and changed with the painting.