"A mysterious cacophony of disconnected, sometimes contradictory voices murmuring away in the back of our heroine's subconscious."
Other names: Literally you, voices, headbees, bumblebees, parazonal conceptual feedback, headvoices
Bioform: Varies, presumed human
Native zone: Varies, presumed the grey zone
Residence: Grey zone, the comment zone, others
Occupation: Varied
Likes: The Noisy Tenant universe
Dislikes: Trolls, spammers
The commenters are entities coming from various zones gathering in a comment zone. They can collectively influence other entities as if they are some voices in their head.


The commenters act as voices that can be heard in the subconscious of entities from the animalia kingdom. Most if not all people hear them and mistaken them as their own thoughts. Under normal circumstances, the voices aren't strong enough to be fully heard and noticed. In the case of Ms Green, she began hearing them when she started her Hospital quest, now no longer in the grey zone. The voices suggest new actions, and as each one is unique, some suggestions are contradictory. The more voices say the same thing, the more likely are they to be heard and overshadow lesser suggested actions. Overly absurd suggestions are usually ignored by the protagonist, as the commenters are not controlling the protagonist, but merely advising. Although, they once successfully convinced Ms Green to seduce Harmburger, which ended up awkward for both of them. On rare occasions, the commenters hop to another character acting as voices in their head. While doing this, they see the world through the eyes of that character.

The commenters do more than just suggest actions. They each have their own hobbies, jobs and needs to fulfill. They engage in activities such as:

  • Create fan art: visual representations of entities, places and events from the Noisy Tenant universe that can be found on every 100th page of the Awful Hospital comic.
  • Write creepypastas for the annual Creepypasta Cook-Off.
  • Discussing between themselves in different places.
  • Post their thoughts on "social media".
  • Speculate.
  • Moderating this wiki. (that includes me!)

First AppearanceEdit

In the Awful Hospital comic as the voices in Ms Green's head, page #1.

Locations Where They Were SightedEdit


  • The commenters now regularly reach over 500 comments per page, especially if the update is a long time coming.
  • Some characters can hear them, including Double Door. Dr Phage is also aware of their presence.
  • Celia trusts the voices more than Ms Green.
  • The commenters can read the thoughts of fungal entities, despite that it shouldn't be possible for non-fungal entities to do it under normal circumstance.
  • A number of them were erased from existence by Crash when he joined the discussion on page 525 of Awful Hospital.
  • Bogleech has emphasized that he'll never actually reveal the nature of the commenters.


The commenters take on different appearances.