Don't Get Spooked
is a twine game on Bogleech where you are the protagonist that seeks shelter from rain in the middle of the night by entering The Spookiest House in the World, a hotel-like building that is inhabited and run by monsters. The game heavily focuses on puzzle solving, some of the puzzles require information about a monster that you could find outside the game or consulting Magnificent Maggot for tips.

The game also has a spooked mechanic (hence the name) where every time you are "spooked" three times your perception of the house changes into what's considered it's "true" form (you get spooked by being killed by monsters or failing puzzles). It's also called Spookovision. In this perspective everything looks more horrifying and new monsters are encountered. The environment is heavily inspired by the Silent Hill franchise. To return back to "normal" you need to look at Magnificent Maggot's cat picture, Meewee.

Another mechanic is that every time you die you just wake up a few seconds before, only getting spooked.

Story (Spoilers!)Edit