Dr Phleboto Mizer
Doctor phleboto mizer
Other names: Syringe doctor
Bioform: Hypodermic
Native zone: N/A
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Head transfusionator
Likes: Wet cylanders
Dislikes: A far away thing
Dr Phleboto Mizer is the head transfusionator at the Hospital. He looks like a disproportionate man with a boil covered long neck and a syringe for a head. It appears that he worships the one true divinity called Pizza Baby.


Doctor Mizer is the hulking assistant of Dr Phage and he's both brain and muscle. Under the clothes, Phleboto is even less human. His syringe head is filled with green fluid and two floating eyeballs. Inside the fluid are visible a few swimming organisms. The organisms in the syringe are sometimes used to make facial expression, similar to Harmburger. The syringe is removable and without it his eyeballs would dangle from their optic nerves. We never hear him talk but other medical staff do. He speaks in emoji, as seen in his dialogues.

Phleboto seems to be more rational than his boss, Phage, second-guessing him from time to time. He understands grey zoners better than his boss and most of the staff. He's a very talented transfusionator, a process that can shift zones without entanglement. It is believed that the procedure is used on misbehaving patients. He can mix concoctions in his syringes for different effects, such as purging, which essentially erases the victim's history. On dire occasions he can purge someone so hard that they get unexisted. He was about to do this, even against his will, to Fern once when he caught her because she's linked to her son's incredibly dangerous disease that was given by the Parliament. Mizer was even scared when he tried to approache her. Willis warned Fern that the purging was way dangerous as he felt his branches stinging when he smelled it.

First AppearanceEdit

Phleboto first appeared in the Hospital creepypasta.


  • His name is a pun on phlebotomize, the act of drawing blood.
  • We first see him talking in this page where Phage evaluates him.
  • According to Ramblin' Evil Colorectal Polyp's telecolonalysis, Mizer is around a thousand times Fern's LVL, but still not as tough as Phage.