Bioform: Human
Native zone: Grey zone
Residence: Grey zone
Occupation: Incubator
Eggheads are humanoid creatures that once were normal humans. They incubate brainflies.


Humans eating too much Burgrr food fatten from the neck up, becoming Eggheads. As their heads fatten, they lose facial features, starting with the eyes. Their skin becomes chalk-white, their featureless round heads get bigger than a beach ball. The body loses it's features as well, becoming sexless and naked. Despite it's size, the head can be supported by the thinned body. The head isn't as heavy as it looks. A fully transformed egghead is no longer under Burgrr's hypnotic effect, which makes them distressed, seeking for attention. Other hypnotized people can't perceive them and ignore them completely.

Brainflies develop in their heads. The insides of an egghead is composed of rubbery white flesh and pinkish gore. The head can easily be smashed on older specimens. Given enough time, eggheads hatch on their own. They start clawing at their own face until it cracks and releases the brainfly. Brainflies spends a few minutes cleaning themselves from the pink goop and start flying.

First appearanceEdit

In the Burgrr story.


  • Eggheads have a pokemon counterpart called Deleteme.