Other names: Dolphin, Fremb
Bioform: Cetacean
Native zone: N/A
Residence: Varies, inert sub-concept vessel, your dreams
Occupation: Chaos and destruction
Likes: Killing for fun
A dangerous flying dolphin sent to wreak havoc!


Flipper is a dolphin with super strength and high speed flying abilities. He is capable of tearing down reinforced metal walls with his sheer strength. He can fly very fast, which helps him be unnoticed when stalking someone. Flipper also demonstrated the ability to enter people's dreams, as he did when Fern fell asleep. As a dolphin, Flipper enjoys killing just for fun and he does it by ramming himself snout first into his victims. Proof to this are the bodies of dead worms found in the marrow dungeon that had signs of blunt force trauma.

It is believed that Flipper was sent by the Parliament to protect Fern from Balmer and retrieve the exvironator during the inert sub-concept vessel quest. Flipper breaks into Balmer's lab after Fern's capture, killing Trichia and impaling Balmer. Celia arrives just after the dolphin and may be responsible of deactivating Balmer's security decapitoids.

After impaling Balmer, he drops the exvironator into the embalming mixture pool, which turns red from it. Flipper jumps in after it while still stuck with Balmer which causes them to melt together, fusing them into a singular being, called Balphin.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • His official name was never revealed. The name Flipper comes from the webcomic's archive where it says that "they call him flipper".
  • The word "fremb" is also used by Harmburger.