Full name: Miasmatic Cone Warbler
Type: Plasmic
Danger level: None
Location: Moonsponge
Function: Repair cone response, exchange gel layers
Article: link
An eel-like reverberator. Eager to help with repairing your cone response. There's only one Gramps.

Article descriptionEdit

If you've had to pass through the seething, and most of us have, you've had difficulty with cones ever since, and it can get embarrassing when grey-zoners are expecting a neutral to positive cone response. Birthday parties? Forget it. The only thing that can repair your cone response before tier twelve is good old Gramps, though he can be difficult to find, weaving in and out of the moonsponge without a care in the zone. Once you've locked on to his frequency, though, he's always eager to exchange gel layers. Some would say too eager, but there's probably nothing to worry about unless the moonsponge has a second hatching, and that would just be stupid.