Grinding Chuck
Bioform: Meat grinder
Native zone: Burgrr Inc.
Residence: Burgrr Inc.
Occupation: Meat grinder, mascot

Chuck is a sentient meat-grinder who works for Burgrr Inc..


A living meat grinder with eyes and legs. His left and only white gloved arm spins when grinding. He works for Burgrr Inc. grinding meat in the factory. He also makes his signature sandwich, the sloppy joe. Unlike a normal meat grinder, Chuck has sharp pointy teeth inside for meat shredding. The processed meat that comes out on his right side can act as his right arm. Grinding Chuck also has the ability to be any size he wants. According to the author, "He can be whatever size at any time, so he can grind anything that needs to be grinded." and "He can probably be human-sized if he wants too." [sic]

The manifestation of Chuck that appeared in Awful Hospital during the "Sloppy Joe" arc was extremely large, and remained stationary within the Burgrr factory. Sometime before this arc, he'd become infected with a glumdroodler. Fern obtained the necessary parts to create a deverberator, at the request of BBQ Girll, so that Chuck could make the Sloppy Joe for her. Unfortunately, Fern's body soon became an ingredient in said Joe, thanks to Girll.

At one point in the Burgrr story, Chuck appears in his "true" form. This manifestation looks more metallic and rusted, and his body and limbs have a more skeletal appearance. Each leg has two long claws, and the the intake chute is lined with a circular array of jagged teeth. He is shown grabbing meaties, putting them in the grinder, and creating a fleshy, clawed arm for himself from their flesh.

First AppearanceEdit

On the Burgrr website (currently down and archived) and its story.