Guest Room Doors
Guestrooms (1)
"The hideous GUEST ROOMS line a hideously HORRID HALLWAY of bizarre and also hideous DOORS."
Bioform: Door
Native zone: The Spookiest House in the World
Residence: The Spookiest House in the World
Occupation: Guest room doors
Just the guest room doors from The Spookiest House in the World!


These doors (and the rooms they lead to) look like they were specially made for their guests to better suit them. However, it's more likely that they can adapt and reshape for their respective guests. They can be found in various forms including but not limited to: squat doors, slender doors, coffin shaped doors, trap doors, vault doors, containment chambers and even invisible doors.

First AppearanceEdit

In Don't Get Spooked, found at the guest rooms (obviously).