Jonathan Christian Wojcik
Other names: Bogleech, Bog, Scythemantis, Scythe, Mr Leech, Bugman
Bioform: Human/Arthropoid
Native zone: Grey zone(?)
Residence: Grey zone/Other(?)
Occupation: Author, cartoonist, writer, blogger
Likes: Bugs, monsters, Halloween
Dislikes: Dolphins, corn, C#%1$$7^^@$
Blog: Tumblr
Also referred to as Bogleech, Bog or Scyhemantis, Jonathan Wojcik is the founder of the Bogleech site and the creator of the Noisy Tenant universe.


Jonathan Wojcik materialized in the grey zone on October, 31, 1983 during Halloween, a fact that may be responsible for his fondness of Halloween stuff and monsters. He has a life long passion for biology, horror and monsters of any sort. He writes articles on his site about these topics.

List of Works Linked to the Noisy Tenant UniverseEdit

As a Comic CharacterEdit

In his classic comics he appears as two characters, each representing a part of his personality. One is a humanoid fly representing his subjective part and the other is a pumpkin headed ghost representing his objective part.