"He was...glowing?"
Other names: The baby, your son, Little Green
Bioform: human
Native zone: Grey zone
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Patient
Called Junior by fans, he's the unnamed son of Ms Green.


Never directly shown, he's a barely 1 year old infant who got an extrazonal disease with numerous horrible symptoms, giving him a tumorous appearance. The severity of this horrible disease caught the attention of The Hospital and he was brought there, locked in the maternity ward. His mother was brought to the Hospital as well, now on a quest for saving him. It is speculated that the disease somehow affected Ms Green giving her a green appearance in the comic. The Hospital doctors are very concerned about Junior's condition, and if they fail to cure him they might have to resort to the unexistalizer to prevent spreading across the zones. Also the diseases ability to make all doctors incompetent in curing it isn't helping. Grey zone doctors are incapable of perceiving the nature of the disease, acting as if it's a minor condition that will pass.

It is speculated that the disease has to do something with the Parliament.

List of Documented SymptomsEdit

  • Omnizonal perception, shifting randomly perception. This makes him see his mother in various horrific alternate versions.
  • Cause incompetence in understanding it by doctors no matter where they are, thus incurable by them.
  • Abnormal growths, tumorous appearance, excess skin growths.
  • Patterns on him.
  • Numerous boils.
  • Oozing.
  • Smelling green.
  • Glowing.
  • Falling apart.

First AppearanceEdit

In the Awful Hospital webcomic, playing a major role.


  • A lot of his symptoms are green, which may have to do with his mother's green apppearance.