Magnificent Maggot
"Another slow night! *slurp* Come back often for some JUICY GOSSIP!"
Bioform: Arthropoid, insect
Native zone: N/A
Residence: The Spookiest House in the World
Occupation: Receptionist
Likes: Gossips, cats
A friendly and magnificent maggot!


A human sized maggot with an eye much bigger than the other. The presence of chitinous legs and head may indicate that he's a beetle or moth larva. Nobody is sure if he will ever pupate into adult form, though he has the mind of an adult. He has the habit of slurping a lot and salivates excessively.

Magnificent Maggot works at The Spookiest House in the World as a receptionist. He's also harmless and likes to chat with the player, giving hints about other monsters. On his desk there's a picture of his cat, Meewee.

First AppearanceEdit

In Don't Get Spooked. Was seen before in an article.


  • He is based after a toy.
  • Unlike the toy version, his right eye is bigger instead of the left eye.
  • In Spookovision mode, he is replaced by Shadow Eye. They may or may not be the same creature.
  • Despite being harmless in the game, based on the logbook he caused the writer only two deaths the past night.