Meaties are living, animate food creatures that are sold by Burgrr Inc. They also roam the factory and are aggressive towards intruders. Burgrr also uses them as mascots. Their appearance depends on perception, just like with all food and the Burgrr staff.

There's also an official gallery of meaties, complete with descriptions, written by Burgrr that can be seen here.

Gallery of MeatiesEdit

Meaty profile

Real MeatiesEdit



  • Meaties were also mentioned in the EBSHA files as food that can be ordered from the menu.
  • Bwabwabwa is a part of the meaties, for some reason.
  • A fwuhm is a boneless creature than shouldn't be allowed to read.
  • Karkass can sometimes be a security staff.
  • Butterflesh can fly.
  • Steak loves telling jokes.
  • If leg dances, it can be yours again!
  • Flapfish made its appearance as a Patreon bonus.
  • Sausages became a monster in Mortasheen known as Bratwurm.
  • "You" is a secret meaty that used to show up on the Burgrr site (currently down and archived) at midnight.