Mr Clean
Other names: Special Case
Bioform: Human
Native zone: Grey zone
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Patient
Likes: Keeping it clean
Dislikes: Germs, filth
Mr Clean is the nickname given to an unnamed male grey-zoner that visited the Hospital. He's the protagonist in the creepypasta Dr Phage's Hospital and it's sequel. He never left.


After a suffering a bout of pinkeye during childhood, Mr Clean developed a revulsion towards filth and contagions. As a germophobe, he tried his best to avoid any contact with filth, only rarely catching a short sickness and never needed to go to a hospital since grade school. He had some kind of career, having his own private office. Based on his comments, he's classist and elitist, viewing the lower class as filthy and avoiding them from getting sick.

When Mr Clean got seriously sick with a flu, he had to go to a hospital for the first time in years. He made an appointment with a high priced clinic, only to wake up the next day in the Hospital. He tried evading Phage and the other doctors, desperately looking for an escape from the Hospital. He spent more than a year without success, being subjected to weird treatments, surgeries and bodily modifications. He came across a huge cancerous mass of flesh taking over the place. Anything organic that touches it gets absorbed and adding to it's mass. The thing is called by name, the same name as the protagonist, implying that it's an alternate/future version of him. Mr Clean feels a temptation to be caught by the mass, hoping to end his nightmare. We are left to believe that he finally gave in.

First AppearanceEdit

In the creepypasta. He gets referenced in Awful Hospital.