Full name: Polyparious Grunt-Fink
Type: Plasmic
Danger level: Low
Location: In a gravitational cyst
Function: You know...
Weakness: A cat or even just the idea of a cat
Article: link
You might know why they call this reverberator "Nanny".

Article DescriptionEdit

You know exactly why they call this the "Nanny" if you've ever found yourself in a gravitational cyst. Some of the higher cycle ramblers get really into it, but if you don't swing that way, you can spiral your glands and she'll know to retract her tubules. Personally, I'm on the fence. It feels nice at first, but she can get a little overeager with the "barnacles," as I've heard the ramblers call them, and you know how noisy those can be when you're trying to unfold. If she really won't take no for an answer, bring a cat through the cyst channels, or if you're focused enough, even just the idea of the cat, since that's the part that gives her hives.


  • The picture is a species of tapeworm.