Nausea Quest is a choose your path adventure game on Bogleech made with twine.The protagonist wakes up in an endless darkness and greeted by Milburn, the magboil, who seeks assistance in saving his sister, Morag. On each page you have several options you can choose from. There is just one path to win and many ways to fail. Winning will give you a prize word for the Burgrr website (currently down).


If you haven't played it yet, please do so before reading any further to avoid spoilers!


Following Milburn, you will be shown a set of "Ugly Doors" that you must open. The door leads to a dark tunnel with two paths, a darker one and a brighter one. Milburn leads you down the darker path where you find Morag cowering in fear with a giant monster behind her. The monster is in darkness and only it's big eyeballs are seen. The monster is known to have multiple hairy appendages that can be pulled off. You have three ways to attack it: punch an eye, pull the hairy tentacle or throw Milburn at it. To defeat it you must do the attacks in the correct order. Listen carefully at what Milburn says, he gives you hints for what to do. After saving Morag, she thanks you, and then you walk away ending up home.

List of Bad EndingsEdit

  • Running away from the start will only result in encountering Milburn again. Keeping on running will end in you collapsing from exhaustion, only to meet Milburn's stare full of maggots.
  • Killing Milburn will cause him to rupture with blood and maggots. You will be paralyzed while the maggots borrow inside your brain.
  • Going on your own way in the tunnel you will meet a set of even Uglier Doors. So ugly it's censored. Opening it will get you killed by two giant hatchetfish creatures from the Abyss.
  • If you try to leave after finding Morag, Milburn will release a loud screechy "KEEEEE" sound which you will have to live with for the rest of your life.
  • Throwing Milburn at the monster in the wrong time will make it vomit on you. The puke will melt the flesh off your bones, still remaining conscious long enough to see your own skeleton.
  • Punching the eyes twice in a row will make the monster mangle you with it's tentacles.
  • Ripping off the monster's tentacles twice in a row will turn it's eyes redder. This causes your eyes to boil and the monster will chew on you.
  • Running away just before winning will result in you walking an endless tunnel, slowly turning into a magboil yourself.


  • The game was made on 2012 and it tied the Abyss with the Noisy Tenant canon.
  • Attempting to kill Milburn and releasing him doesn't anger him, but he considers it a "joke" that releases pressure. This is a reference to the stress relief nature of the real toy.