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Welcome to the Noisy Tenant WikiEdit

This is the Wikia for The Noisy Tenant Universe, which includes Awful Hospital, Burgrr, Borfladge Dorcorm, and other media by Jonathan Wojcik. For more info and an introduction to the series, consult our Beginner's Guide. For general chat go here.


  • [August 10, 2017] Well, I'm sorry that I was absent on the wiki for around a year, college was draining away my time and energy... But now that I finished the year and I'm back again! I also became the new admin by adopting this wiki! Expect more articles, updates and improvements from now on. --Infernalthing
  • [September 17, 2015] There wasn't any activity on this wiki for some months when I found it. It seems like people abandoned it. Now that I'm here, that's about to change! I'm continuing working on it on my own in an effort of keeping it alive. If you want to contact me, you can easily find me as I'm currently the only active user here. Peace! ;) --Infernalthing

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