Shadow Eye
Bioform: Shadow
Native zone: N/A
Residence: Jonathan Wojcik's nightmares/imagination, The Spookiest House in the World
Occupation: Nightmare, night terror, receptionist (?)
Likes: Finding help
Dislikes: Not being helped
A shadowy blob with a big red eye.


A shadowy creature with a red bicycle reflector for an eye. It's not known if Shadow Eye is a single entity or if there are more of them. He is based on a night terror seen by Jonathan Wojcik where he/they blocked every path in a hallway and seeking help.

"In one memorable night terror, I was found running up and down the halls like a trapped animal; to me, every path seemingly blocked off by a looming, black blob with a single bicycle reflector for an eye, their outlines largely hidden in the surrounding darkness, heads almost scraping the ceiling. For some reason, I believed they needed my help with something, but I found that nonetheless frightening."

First AppearanceEdit

Revealed in an article about nightmares. Can also be found in Don't Get Spooked.