Full name: Chromatoid Induction Sporeblot
Type: Plasmic
Danger level: Very low
Location: Grey zone
Function: Keeping the grey zone together, "aging"
Weakness: A yellow shift, vinegar on their lips
Article: link
The reverberator that keeps the grey zone together. Also degrading it's biomaterial.

Article DescriptionEdit

I know the suckler isn't a sporeblot in the traditional sense, but we call it that because their vocalizations have the same corrosive after-effect on the grey zone. I think grey-zoners call it "aging." It would be convenient to our purposes if we could silence them, but they occupy almost all grey-zone space that isn't already occupied by matter, and it's still unclear what function they serve. For all we know, they're the only thing that holds the grey zone together, even if they're also degrading its biomaterial. If a yellow shift doesn't wipe them off your paramind, you can dab a little vinegar on their lips.


  • It is possible that they're linked to dark energy.