Other names: You boss, Immense Thing, ????????????
Bioform: Tumorous
Native zone: Inert sub-concept vessel
Residence: Inert sub-concept vessel
Occupation: Boss enemy
Likes: Impaling
Dislikes: Fire
An aberration born from the anomalous growth caused by an exvironator in Fern's corpse world.

Description Edit

The Terrortoma, as the fans nicknamed it, is a huge cancerous growth found in the Red Blight area in the biovessel. Having a teratoma-like appearance, it is covered in red hairs, has random features on it such as eyes, nails and teeth. It's bones are exposed in several places and it has numerous tendrils which can impale its foes. At the base there are bramble-like growths surrounding it. The entity can vocalize but it only nonsensically babbles. Among its more unusual offensive abilities, it can shoot hairballs like cannonballs and whip with its nerves (although this attack hurts the thing as well). It has a weakness to fire thanks to its flammable fur.

In was encountered when Fern wandered off from her team (Celia, Staph and Maggie) because she was sickened when her friends started feeding off the surrounding anomalous flesh. Then the Terrortoma impaled her, leaving her unconscious and mortally wounded. Her teammates heard her screams and came to rescue her. They battled the immense thing until in the end they fused into Staphellie and sliced it in half. Fern was later healed by Staph, saving her life.

First Appearance Edit

In Awful Hospital as a boss.


  • LVL: 15
  • HP: 36
  • Moves: Hair Clot, Nerve Whip

Trivia Edit

  • It doesn't have an official name, being called only as "thing" or "you" in the files.
  • The nickname Terrortoma is a combination of terror and taratoma.
  • It was drawn by Jonathan Wojcik's wife, Margret Storm (Reverche).

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