"Step aside or get zappitated. "
Bioform: Protozoan
Native zone: N/A
Residence: Inert sub-concept vessel
Occupation: Vesselhopper, hired henchman
Likes: Money
Dislikes: Prokaryotes
A shady protozoan that can not be trusted.


Trichia is a hat wearing blue trichomonas, a parasitic protozoa. Her nucleus is visible and acts as her eye. She has at least five flagella but most of the time she's seen with only four.

Trichia has a rude and judgmental personality, also showing signs of racism as she was offended when called a germ. When Fern first met her in a bar in her own corpse world, Tricha described herself as something of a vesselhopper, enjoying the scenery before the endozone is consumed to nothing. This isn't entirely true, as Trichia is actually a hired henchman interested in earning money. She was hired by Balmer to retrieve the exvironator that's been causing the anomaly in this zone. Treacherous as she is, Trichia was waiting for Fern's gang to secure the anomaly before taking it herself. She also had Celia as a spy among them, who was also paid by Balmer to not kill Fern.

Trichia's weapon of choice is the zappitator, a weapon that shoots deadly red lightning.

Trichia ended up killed by a dolphin that breached into Balmer's base.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital, in a bacteria bar.


  • Here name is a pun on trichomoniasis and tricky.
  • The zappitator is triggered either by tactile or chemical input.