"Always Tum Tum want the food meal"
Other names: Terrible King Big Hunger
Bioform: Gastric
Native zone: Burgrr Inc.
Residence: Burgrr Inc.
Occupation: Mascot
Likes: Eating
Tum-Tum is the stomach mascot of Burgrr Inc. He likes to eat!


Tum-Tum is a big stomach with arms and legs and a face. He's fat and the only thing he thinks about is eating food. While never directly encountered, not much is known about him and his role, only that he's one of the Burgrr mascots. His powerful gluttony and the fact that he entertains/interacts with customers leads to terrifying implications.

Since never encountered, the only image of his "true" form is a picture taken inside a real stomach. The image is said to be in current time, possibly being a live feed of Tum-Tum.

First AppearanceEdit

Only seen on the Burgrr website (currently down and archived) and never directly encountered yet.


  • Sometimes Tum-Tum does a "trick". One can only think about what that means!
  • The subject viewing the "true" form image is called VIEWER #49174.
    • The said picture is also estimated to be "EXTREMELY FOODABLE".