Vulthrax, the Abominable
"Cower in fear, human prey!"
Bioform: Invertebrate
Native zone: Fear Dimension
Residence: Fear Dimension; The Spookiest House in the World
Occupation: "Ladykiller"
Likes: Dogs

A creature on a perpetual quest for a mate, Vulthrax, the Abominable is one of the horrors that emerged from the Fear Hole in the series of the same name.


A purple invertebrate creature with many types of appendages of uncertain function. He has four yellow/golden eyes (three on a side and one on the other), three small tentacles on his head, octopus suckers on his forehead and a vertical mouth with sharp teeth. Sometimes wears a hat.

Vulthrax seeks to find a mate to have thousands of offsprings with, though he is awkward with dating. Dan helps him out in creating his own dating profile and finds someone to meet with. Vulthrax's mating behavior is very violent and painful, and could take a long time until his "mate" (or victim) dies (if human). Other monsters, such as The Spooky Nightmare Queen of all Horror, find this very pleasurable. It may be possible that Vulthrax reproduces parasitically. He once states that his ex-wife burst with another parasite's larvae after growing cold and unresponsive..

Vulthrax is a dog person.

First AppearanceEdit

In The Fear Hole's second episode, The Terror from Beyond Myspace. Made his second appearance in Don't Get Spooked.


  • When first leaving the Fear Hole, he leaves behind a trail of green slime.
  • In Don't Get Spooked he has three eyes on the right side while in The Fear Hole he had them on the left side.
  • His gender is Xemale.
  • He is 37 000 years old.
  • He has internal hair.
  • His orientation is tri-curious.
  • To find Vulthrax in Don't Get Spooked, you must visit the Evil World and return back to the foyer. In Spookovision mode you will find there a Fear Hole from which he comes. With Vulthrax on your side, you can get the seducing ending.